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【With 3Drink】 ◆ ◇ Wine & food pairing ◇ ◆

3900 yen

The above price is tax excluded display.

  • 4items
  • 2persons
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 17
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

It is a course where you can enjoy marriage, which is a set of meals and wine.With + 500 yen, 1 Drink can be added.

Course menu


☆ draft beer or organic sangria

【Appetizer and Champagne】

◆ Assortment of 5 appetizers

◆ Focaccia

☆ Wine: Champagne Chapui Cult, Noir, Brut, Tradition

☆ + 500 yen, you can change again.

【Main and full body wine】

◆ Black Angus Beef Steak

☆ Wine: Jalden Chardonnay (white wine) or Les McQueol Borgeri Rosso (red wine)

☆ + 500 yen, you can exchange white wine or red above.


◆ Rich Vanilla Ice Madilla wine

☆ + 500 yen, you can serve dessert wine or whiskey.

2018/08/06 update