• ◆ Sparkling / Champagne ◆

    • Cult Noir Brut Tradition

      G: 800 yen B: 6,400 yen

      Inside the solid taste of Pinot Noir, I feel after-sale that the refreshing acidity of Chirudene origin is refreshing.【Producer】 Chapui 【Region】 France Champagne 【Varieties】 Chardonnay 60% Pinot Noir 20% Pino · Munier 20% ※ Happy Hour (17: 00 ~ 19: 00), Glass 1 cup 600 yen

    • Niagara Foil Sparkling

      G: 700 yen B: 5,600 yen

      By using the same recipe as Champagne, you can enjoy mouthfeeling foam and finished in a deep flavor by adopting supernatant unfiltered bottling.【Producer】 Shenzhen Winery [Region] Japan Tokyo 【Cultivar】 Niyagara 100%

    • Brutto Rose

      187ml Bottle: 1200 yen

      Both fresh fruit incense and yeast incense due to long-term maturation in the bottle can feel.【Producer】 Rotary 【Region】 Italy Trentino · Alto Adige 【Varieties】 Pino · Nero 75% Chardonnay 25% ※ Glass About 2 cups

    • Sofia Mini Blanc de Bran Monterey

      187 ml can: 1400 yen

      Film director Francis Coppola can imagine the daughter of Sofia and enjoy a gorgeous aroma.[Producer] Francis Coppola [Region] California, USA [Category] Pino Blanc 86% Muscat 12% Riesling 2% * Glass About 2 cups

  • ◆ white wine ◆

    • Today's house wine

      G: 500 yen B: 4,000 yen

      ※ Please check with the staff for details.

    • Fairvalley Chenin · Blanc

      G: 500 yen B: 4,000 yen

      A fragrance like pear or tropical fruit, well-balanced wine with fruit flavor and sour taste.【Producer】 The Fair · Valley · Wine Company 【Region】 South Africa Western Cape 【Varieties】 Shunan · Blanc 100%

    • Swallow Gewürz Traminer

      G: 550 yen B: 4,400 yen

      A fragrance reminiscent of lychee, after a sweetness that is felt at the moment of inclusion in the mouth, it is a dry wine that spreads a bit of bitterness and a long finish.【Producer】 Follis Vineyard Company 【Region】 America Oregon 【Varieties】 Gewertz Traminer 100%

    • Shabri La Pierre

      G: 750 yen B: 6,000 yen

      You can enjoy apple and pear aroma, taste overflowing mineral feeling, slight saltiness, refreshing and refreshing acidity.【Producer】 La · Chablis Genne 【Region】 France Burgundy 【Varieties】 Chardonnay 100%

    • Guy · Wach Riesling Andro

      G: 750 yen B: 6,000 yen

      It is a dry taste that is combined with oil incense which is the characteristic of Riesling, fruity and mineral feel like hard water, moderate acidity.【Producer】 Domaine de Maronie 【Region】 France Alsace 【Varieties】 Riesling 100%

    • Jarden Chardonnay

      G: 850 yen B: 6,400 yen

      Combine fruit incense such as pineapple and scent reminiscent of vanilla and tree from oak barrels and enjoy a complicated and rich flavor.【Producer】 Golan Heights · Winery 【Region】 Israel Golan Heights 【Cultivars】 Chardonnay 100%

    • Graywakki Sauvignon Blanc

      G: 900 yen B: 7,200 yen

      It is characteristic of New Zealand's Sauvignon Blanc, characteristic wine of herbs and citrus fruits.【Producer】 Gray Wakki 【Region】 New Zealand Marlboro 【Varieties】 Sauvignon Blanc 100%

  • ◆ Rose wine ◆

    • Rose · Danju

      G: 600 yen B: 4,800 yen

      One of rose wines representing France.Honorable sweetness is compatible with all dishes, from appetizers to main dish.【Producer】 Domaine Auto · Uss 【Region】 France Loire 【Varieties】 Gloro Noir 100%

  • ◆ red wine ◆

    • Today's house wine

      G: 500 yen B: 4,000 yen

      ※ Please check with the staff for details.

    • Root One Carmenar

      G: 550 yen B: 4,400 yen

      Using Chile's local variety Carmenar.It is an excellent wine with a fragrance balance of aged blackberry, cassis, spice.【Producer】 Vigna · Venticulo 【Region】 Chile Korchagua · Valley 【Varieties】 Carmenail 85% Schiller 15%

    • Country Pinot Noir

      G: 600 yen B: 4,800 yen

      There is a scent of red berry like Fran-Bowers, and there is a light tannin's astringent in a refreshing taste.【Producer】 Country 【Region】 Chile Central Valley 【Cultivars】 Pinot Noir 100%

    • Allied Tinto Robre

      G: 600 yen B: 4,800 yen

      Polyphenols are 1.5 to 2 times of common red wine.In Spain, it is a rich grape varieties "Preeto Piked" made from thick red wine.【Producer】 Fortuna 【Region】 Spain Castella · Lion · 【Varieties】 Prieto Pixade Temprannyi Merlot

    • Borgeri Rosso

      G: 800 yen B: 6,400 yen

      While having strength in cassis and blueberry scent, umami and astringent, its mouthfeel is soft and elegant taste.【Producer】 Les Macquiole 【Region】 Italy Tuscany 【Cultivars】 Merlot 50% Cabernet · Franc 30% Schiller 20%

    • La Musa [goddess]

      G: 850 yen B: 6,800 yen

      A label expressing the taste "a plump goddess".It is a powerful full body style mainly Cabernet · Sauvignon.【Producer】 Vince de Pedra 【Region】 Spain Catalunya 【Varieties】 Cabernet · Sauvignon Merlot Schiller

    • Gigondas Les Gallantinères

      G: 900 yen B: 7,200 yen

      Characteristic nuance interwoven with smokyness and complexity.Tannin is somewhat strong, acid well balanced, long lasting wine.【Producer】 Domaine · Santa · Duc [Region] French Cote du Rhone 【Varieties】 Grenache 70% Mourvèdre 20% Schiller 10%

    • La Gibliotto Burgundy Rouge

      G: 900 yen B: 7,200 yen

      Burgundy's famous brewer Claude Dugga's children make Pinot Noir in Burgundy and it is a glamorous and long lasting wine.【Producer】 La Gibliotto 【Area】 France Burgundy 【Varieties】 Pinot Noir 100%

    • Chateau Montus

      G: 950 yen B: 7,600 yen

      It is a super-ripe full body wine full of strength and homeroom teacher, which is the potential of the grape variety "Tana".【Producer】 Domaine Alain · Brimmon 【Region】 France Sud · West 【Varieties】 Tana 80% Cabernet · Sauvignon 20%

    • Les Fief de Lagranges

      G: 950 yen B: 7,600 yen

      Second label of rating 3 class "Chateau Lagranges".You can enjoy rich flavor and complexity of taste, long afterglow.【Producer】 Chateau Lagrange 【Region】 France Bordeaux 【Varieties】 Cabernet · Sauvignon 64% Merlot 29% Petit Verdo 7%

    • Store manager's back menu


      According to your request, we offer glasses that you do not ordinarily offer.

  • ◆ Van Joune (yellow wine) ◆

    • Chateau Chalon Anne Beaumont

      Glass (50 ml) 980 yen

      One of five wine in the world.A unique process for slowly oxidizing and aging wine at low temperature.A flavor close to Sherry has a delicate flavor and light tannins.【Producer】 Gran 【Region】 France Jura 【Varieties】 Savanyan 100%

  • ◆ extremely sweet / desert wine ◆

    • Himers Heimer Sonnenberg Trocken-Beren · Auslesse

      Glass (50 ml) 980 yen

      The finest sweet wine of Germany's highest rank.It is a tasteful and tasteful wine to the flavor like honey which is characteristic of a gruel grape.【Producer】 Heinfrieddex Heimer 【Region】 Germany Rhein-Hessen 【Varieties】 Fuchsellebe 100%

    • Chateau Gilo

      Glass (50 ml) 980 yen

      French noble wine inscriptions "Sauternes" rating 1st grade wine.You can enjoy a fragrance similar to honey and apricot, a long finish.【Producer】 Chateau Gilloures 【Region】 France Sauterne 【Varieties】 Semillon 65% Sauvignon Blanc 35%

    • Toka Asu 5 Putnos

      Glass (50 ml) 980 yen

      Louis XIV, Napoleon III, Beethoven, Schubert like the syrup of vanilla and lemon candy said to have also drunk.【Producer】 Patricius 【Region】 Hungary Tokaai Hesiajira 【Varieties】 Furmint 70% Halscleber 30%

    • Madilla Bouar 10 years

      Glass (50 ml) 980 yen

      Scents like figs, prunes, dried fruits.Almonds and oak nuances.Even around the world, only Madira Island is produced.【Producer】 Brandies 【Region】 Portuguese Madira Island 【Varieties】 Bouar 100%

  • ◆ Tasting set ◆

    • 3 kinds of tasting set (30 ml each)

      1000 yen

      ※ For each content, please check with the staff

    • 5 kinds of tasting set (30 ml each)


      ※ For each content, please check with the staff

    • The world's three largest rare wine tasting set (3 types, 20 ml each, with cheese)


      ☆ The three largest rare wines in the world refer to extremely sweet white wines (dessert wines) made with high rarity and high scarcity grapes called precious grapes.

  • ◆ Wine cocktail

    • Organic Sangaria swing (white)

      650 yen

      From the base wine grape, the orange and lemon fruits pickled in, and spices are all organic cultivated sangria.

    • Organic sangria tint (red)

      650 yen

      From the base wine grape, the orange and lemon fruits pickled in, and spices are all organic cultivated sangria.

    • keel

      650 yen

      White wine & cassis

    • Kiel Royale

      650 yen

      Sparkling wine & cassis

    • Cardinal

      650 yen

      Red wine & cassis

    • Spritzer

      650 yen

      White wine & sparkling water

    • Via Splitzer

      650 yen

      White wine & beer

    • Mimosa

      650 yen

      Sparkling wine & orange juice

    • Appletiser

      650 yen

      Sparkling wine & apple juice

    • Wine cooler blanc (white)

      650 yen

      White wine & orange juice

    • Wine cooler rouge (red)

      650 yen

      Red Wine & Orange Juice

  • ◆ Beer ◆

    • Ebisu barrel raw

      650 yen

      【Producer】 Sapporo Beer 【Region】 Japan 【Style】 Pilsner

    • Hugarden White

      800 yen

      It is a fruity and smooth beer with wheat, Korean seed and orange beer.【Producer】 Hugarden 【Region】 Belgium 【Style】 Belgian White Ale

    • Gargellry Xale

      850 yen

      Dried beer with bitter bitter hops.It is beer limited to eating and drinking establishments.【Producer】 Via Style 21 【Region】 Japan 【Style】 Pale Ale

    • Tokyo White (Tokyo White)

      980 yen

      It is gorgeous peculiar to Yale Yeast, and it smells citrus fruits reminiscently, bitterness is small.[Producer] Far East Brewery [Region] Japan [Style] Saison

  • ◆ sake ◆

    • Toichi Jun Rin Ginjo Koshu wine barrel storage

      900 yen

      A fragrance reminiscent of elegant white wine, has become mellow taste by aging.【Producer】 Gokomada Sake Brewery 【Region】 Saga 【Sake Rice】 Yamada Nishiki

    • Kamihime Makoto Rin Ginjo Napa Valley wine barrel storage

      900 yen

      Rice flavor and refreshing acidity, aging of white wine barrels for 8 months are soft taste.【Producer】 Sakata Brewing 【Region】 Yamagata 【Sake rice】 Yamada Nishiki

    • Other, various sake


      Tokushima Prefecture "Miyoshi Chrysanthemum", Chiba Prefecture "Chrysanthemum", Yamagata Prefecture "Glory Fuji" and others, local sake (occasionally 7 to 10 species) are available!

  • ◆ ◆ Shochu

    • Devil

      S: 500 yen W: 900 yen

      The famous "Demon King" as a premium shochu.It is characterized by citrus fruity and gorgeous aroma, using refreshing drinking mouth, yellow koji used in sake.【Producer】 Shirayama brewing 【Region】 Kagoshima 【Type】 potato

    • Other, various kinds of shochu


      We are preparing premium distilled spirits such as "Kanai 8" and "Kawagoe", potato, rice, wheat and various genres!

  • ◆ whiskey ◆

    • Corner highball

      600 yen

      【Producer】 Suntory 【Region】 Japan

    • From the barrel

      S: 500 yen W: 900 yen

      While keeping splash water to a minimum, while having a firm drinking aquarium, it is a delicate taste.【Producer】 Nikka Whiskey 【Region】 Japan 【Type】 Blended Whether

    • Ichiroz malt and grain white label

      S: 700 yen W: 1,200 yen

      A top note that fresh and gorgeous, citrus fruits are felt.There is a rich finish.【Producer】 Venture whiskey 【Region】 Japan 【Type】 Blended whiskey

    • Yamazaki single malt

      S: 700 yen W: 1,200 yen

      It has a scent of vanilla and cinnamon, sweetness, spreading with a soft mouthfeel.【Producer】 Suntory 【Region】 Japan 【Type】 Single Malt

    • Other, various whiskey


      We are preparing various premium vintage whiskeys such as Japanese whiskey such as "Hakushu" "Take cranes", various whiskey such as "Dewarrs", "Saburo Maru" etc.!

  • ◆ soft drinks ◆

    • Oolong Tea

      600 yen
    • 100% orange juice

      600 yen
    • 100% apple juice

      600 yen
    • Sparkling Water

      600 yen
  • ◆ Champagne (half bottle) ◆

    • Cartho Wertto Brutto Reserve, Blanc de Blanc

      4,300 yen

      The smell of brioche, fruity fruit taste is felt for the first time when it is included in the mouth, and after drinking, the acid and richness that seems to be Chardonnay remain.【Producer】 Chapui 【Region】 France Champagne (Ogier) 【Varieties】 Chardonnay 100%

    • Brut

      4,300 yen

      Grand Cru (special-grade village) It is made only of grapes of Ambonnai, citrus floral fragrance A plump and abundant, fluffy taste.【Producer】 Bernard Bremon 【Region】 France Champagne (Ambonnai) 【Varieties】 Pinot Noir 70% Chardonnay 30% ※ Organic

    • Beaumont Grand · Reserve

      4,400 yen

      It is a pure, fresh aroma and pleasant after-sale using fruit juice which is only half of the first juice called "cool de cuvee" (Heart's cuvee).【Producer】 Baumont de Clay Ale 【Region】 France Champagne 【Varieties】 Pinot Munier 60% Chardonnay 25% Pinot Noir 15% ※ Organic

    • Brut Reserve Cult and Doll

      4,500 yen

      Grand Cru Champagne which blended Welshi mainly with Welshnei.Aroma of aged fruit felt the nuance of fragrant nut.【Producer】 Etienne Lefevre 【Region】 France Champagne (Welshnei et al.) 【Varieties】 Pinot Noir 75% Chardonnay 25% ※ Organic

    • Culto All Blanc de Blanc

      4,600 yen

      Apples, pears floral fragrance, rich fruit flavor wraps nuts and minerals.Acidic acid leads you to an elegant finish.【Producer】 Claude · Casal 【Region】 France Champagne (Ogier et al.) 【Varieties】 Chardonnay 100% ※ Organic

    • Brutt Blanc de Blanc

      5,200 yen

      Second label of "salon" reputed to be an illusion champagne.Richness like brioche due to long-term maturation over 48 months and silky throat.【Producer】 Duramot 【Region】 France Champagne (Le · Menil · Shell · Ogier) 【Varieties】 Chardonnay 100%

  • ◆ White wine (half bottle) ◆

    • Muscades-Sévre-et-Manue-sur-Lee

      ¥ 2,650

      Using Surre · Lee manufacturing method with a clean Muscadet style, finished in a certain style with thickness and fruit taste.There is ripe melon and fresh finish.【Producer】 Domaine de la · Louvutri (Joseph · Landron) 【Region】 France Loire 【Varieties】 Murón de Bourgogne (Muscadé) 100%

    • Saint-Ser-La · Rennes · Blanche

      3,300 yen

      A well-balanced style like looking down at the terroir.Citrus freshness, hard minerals, rich fruit flavors are united wine.【Producer】 Jean Le Verdi E · Fiss 【Region】 France Loire 【Varieties】 Sauvignon Blanc 100%

    • Weisserburg Gunda Trocken

      3,800 yen

      A gentle scent like a white flower, plus a plenty from the barrel aging origin is added.It is a taste that makes you feel creamy in delicate fruit flavors.【Producer】 Bernhard Hoover 【Region】 German Barten 【Varieties】 Vaiser Burgundar (Pino Blanc) 100%

    • Raymy Russian River Valley Chardonnay

      5,200 yen

      A high-grade Chardonnay born from the climate of Russian River Valley.It is elegant and wonderful wine in plenty pure fruit flavor.【Producer】 Raymi · Wine · Cellars 【Region】 California, USA 【Varieties】 Chardonnay 100%

  • ◆ Red wine (half bottle) ◆

    • Klein Rodai Zinfandel

      ¥ 3,050

      It is a fruity, sour and easy to drink wine using grapes of traditional Zinfandel production area "Rodai".【Producer】 Klein · Cellers 【Region】 California USA 【Cultivars】 Zinfandel 100%

    • Chianti · Classico

      3,800 yen

      Sangiovese 100% used.It is a tastefully tasty, fine tannin with fine fruit flavor and texture, balanced flavor.【Producer】 Font di 【Region】 Italy Tuscany 【Cultivars】 Sangiovese 100%

    • Barolo

      3,800 yen

      Barolo is described as "the king of wine, the wine of the king".You can enjoy elegant texture and fragrance spreading in the mouth with fluffy.【Producer】 Terre del Barolo 【Region】 Italian Piedmont 【Varieties】 Nebbiolo 100%

    • Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico

      3,900 yen

      Amarone shoots the harvested grapes and ferment them in a dry grape state.Nuance like coffee, the mouthfeel is gentle and ripe sense is strong rich red wine.【Producer】 Luigi · Rigetti 【Region】 Italy Veneto 【Varieties】 Corvina Vernese 70% Rondinella 10% Molinara 5% Other 5%

    • Russian · River · Valley · Pino · Noir

      4,500 yen

      It is powerful and strong scent of impact, sweet and rich fruit taste, gentle tannin, slightly higher alcohol, while drinking, it is easy to drink red wine.【Producer】 Siduri 【Region】 California, USA 【Varieties】 Pinot Noir 100%

    • Bandol Rouge

      5,300 yen

      People who know it "Bandol".Fruit incense peculiar to the production site and aged incense heavily woven, firm taste is excellent.【Producer】 Chateau de Pivarone 【Region】 France Provence 【Varieties】 Mourvedre 90% Grenache 10%

    • Chateauneuf du Pape

      5,500 yen

      With good condition, aged 10 years.Red aged red berry scent, tannins are cooked, complex, rich, large volume taste.【Producer】 E. Gigar 【Region】 French Court Du Rhone 【Varieties】 Grenache 80% Schiller 10% Mourvèdre 5% Other 5%

    • Hermitage Rouge

      ¥ 6,200

      The color is purple and deep ruby.A small red fruit aroma.Spicy and muscular taste, you can enjoy cassis sprouts, vanilla, and licorice after-flavor.【Producer】 E. Gigar 【Region】 France Cote du Rhone 【Varieties】 Schiller 100%

    • Napa Valley Merlot

      6,500 yen

      Merlot - like round fruit taste and alcoholic feel, soft taste and rich fruit flavor The tannin is a stunning thick wine with a good texture.【Producer】 Schaefer 【Region】 California, USA 【Varieties】 Merlot 84% Cabernet · Sauvignon 8% Malbec 8%

    • One Point · Five Cabernet · Sauvignon

      8,500 yen

      Powerful & Borumy rich and elegant tannins that make you feel the smell of black berries and chocolate, terroir, the lingering finish that will last forever make you feel the high quality.【Producer】 Schaefer 【Region】 California, USA 【Varieties】 Cabernet · Sauvignon 99% Petit Verdo 1%