• ◆ Appetizer / Salad ◆

    • Today's appetizer platter

      1200 yen
    • olive


      500 yen

      Three mixed olives.

    • Pickles of Kanazawa

      Pickles of Kanazawa

      600 yen

      Preservatives, additives not used.It is an elegant pickle which made the taste of domestic vegetable material raw as it is.

    • Naito with fillet students of anchovy

      600 yen

      Pickled pickled pickled anchovy with raw yuzu.

    • Natural scumming & cream cheese

      Natural scumming & cream cheese

      900 yen

      Combination of Taiwan's finest natural karaism and rich cream cheese.It is the best sake buddy!

    • Dry salam with marmalade

      Dry salam with marmalade

      800 yen

      The saltiness of dry salami and the soft sweetness of marmalade are well matched and it is very tasty!

    • Assorted smoked products

      Assorted smoked products

      1200 yen

      A classic menu easy to match various wines.Tomorrow's dish is here! (We smoked duck · quail egg · cream cheese.)

    • Assorted aged cheese of the day


      We have three to four cheeses.Since it is also possible to tailor-made, please tell your preference to the staff.

    • caviar


      Compatibility with Champagne is outstanding.Enjoy the gorgeous feeling!

    • potato salad

      600 yen

      Tomato pickles with sour taste are added according to a creamy and gentle tasting potato salad.

    • Caesar salad with half-egg and freshly scraped parmediano

      800 yen

      I will sharpen as much as you like for a flavorful 24 months aged Parmegiano Reggiano!

    • Sauteed bean seed meat with garlic

      Sauteed bean seed meat with garlic

      650 yen

      It hurts nutritious bean seedlings with fragrant garlic oil, making it a finish that leaves a texture that was shakiyaki.

  • ◆ Meat / fish dish ◆

    • Mature pig pigtail de Campagne

      650 yen

      It is a putty de campagne that uses aged pork abundantly and finished simple with salt and pepper.

    • Sakura's Yukke

      Sakura's Yukke

      880 yen

      Sakura made from Kumamoto prefecture, we will eat at our characteristic source.

    • Assorted 3 horse stings

      Assorted 3 horse stings

      1380 yen

      It is 3 kinds of assorted platter of Kumamoto prefecture horse sting.

    • Grilled gyoza (Please select garlic with / without garlic)

      Grilled gyoza (Please select garlic with / without garlic)

      650 yen

      It is a popular menu of our shop ichiban ☆ With and without garlic, ingredients · seasoning, changing sauce etc we will eat together, we will be able to eat delicious even with wine.

    • Broiled chicken smoked food

      Broiled chicken smoked food

      900 yen

      Smoked and broiled just before offering to make use of delicious lipid of duck.

    • Salsicher (sausage) of aged pig

      1,000 yen

      I made pork with increased taste by aging, with spices Salsiccia.

    • Tandoori Chicken

      Tandoori Chicken

      900 yen
    • Mature beef hamburger rich rague sauce

      1200 yen

      By dry aging, 100% beef hamburger with increased tasty ingredients and raguous sauce using matured cow is also excellent.

    • Roasted wild boar meat

      1800 yen

      Okayama's trap hunter, Mr. Yasutake Atsuta roasted low-temperature aged meat of fresh wild boar that was captured alive, simply with salt.Please enjoy the scent and taste of the original wild boar without smell!

    • Black Angus beef steak (100 g) and seasonal vegetables

      Black Angus beef steak (100 g) and seasonal vegetables

      1300 yen

      A delicious black angus beef that you can feel a moderate marbling and a solid taste like red meat.Come along with the full-bodied red wine.(It is available at +100 g / \ 600.)

    • Nihonbashi Izumoi Grilled Eel

      Nihonbashi Izumoi Grilled Eel

      2900 yen

      Established in 1951, an elegant shop opened in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi "Evening Nihonbashi" gem that I gave you specially.Compatibility with red wine such as Pino · Noir is outstanding.

  • ◆ pasta / rice / bread ◆

    • Focaccia


      500 yen

      Please add a lot of extra virgin olive oil to Hokkoku Focaccia, please enjoy it.

    • Carbonara


      1350 yen

      It is carbonara which responds eaten with generous use of aged Palmellano.

    • Bolognese von de Beaux finish

      1400 yen

      I put plenty of gruely large meat in sauce finished with von de Beau.

    • Peppermincino of natural scratch with plenty

      Peppermincino of natural scratch with plenty


      Taiwanese finest natural kalami is a big success! Alcohol is getting more and more!

    • Fresh Pakuchi Salt-grilled soba

      Fresh Pakuchi Salt-grilled soba

      1200 yen

      Plenty of freshly baked pasta! The compatibility with the white wines such as the aromatic Gewurzutraminer is outstanding.

    • Spicy curry Pilaf with semi-mature egg

      Spicy curry Pilaf with semi-mature egg

      1250 yen

      When mixed with semi-mature eggs, it becomes more juicy taste.It is an addictive menu.

  • ◆ dessert ◆

    • Vanilla Ice Madilla wine

      500 yen

      It is a very popular dessert with rich vanilla ice and flavorful Madilla wine together!

    • Almond jelly

      600 yen
    • chocolate

      500 yen

      Dessert wine and with whiskey.

  • ◆ Snacks ◆

    • Pocky & Plitz

      500 yen
    • Mixed nuts

      600 yen